20 Places Where Swimmers Should Never Go


There are several places where swimming isn’t recommended. it’s sometimes risky and dangerous to swim. to avoid possible dangers, please get conversant in the list provided below. Before you book a visit to any of the destinations, think well and analyze all pros and cons of these areas. All places are beautiful, but not all of them are safe.

You will not imagine the place where there is in the first 😱😱:

20. Shark Alley. South Africa

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Photo by Gerald Schömbs on Unsplash

Forget a free-swim in Shark Alley. this is often impossible to try to unless you’re looking to die. the matter is that this area is understood for the spread of sharks. Tourists and native people come thereto place to hunt sharks. one among the species of sharks that’s especially dangerous is that the Great White. the amount of those sharks is extremely high so people that can enter the Shark Alley do so during a steel cage.

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19. Lake Victoria. Africa

Photo by Najwa Walid on Unsplash

That’s another location that’s very dangerous and risky. Lake Victoria is taken into account to be one of the deadliest places on the earth. per annum, the lake takes quite 5,000 people’s lives. If you are doing not want to be one among the victims, refrain from swimming therein lake. There are a couple of reasons why the lake is so dangerous. First, the world is legendary for extreme and unexpected changes in weather. during a matter of hours, the weather can significantly change. Second, local people make their living by fishing. When the weather is windy, their boats sometimes capsize. People fall under the water and, unfortunately, not all of them are strong enough to succeed in the shore.

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