Corona Virus Friend Who Is He? Who is That The Archenemy?



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“Vsevolod Belosov”, head of the Biotechnology Laboratory at the Institute of Chemical Sciences, explained both the loyal friend of the Corona virus and therefore the enemy of the emerging corona virus, as he said: “The Covid 19 virus needs moisture so as to measure , and at an equivalent time regular soap is in a position to completely eliminate it.”

After the spread of the Corona virus and its spread altogether countries, there was tons of mention the convenience of its spread and the way this virus was ready to rapidly move through the ocean. Apart from the symptoms of the virus that the majority of the media have addressed , we’ll address here a lover of the Corona virus and his permanent companion on his journey from one country to a different and from one region to a different .

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Corona belongs to the enveloped viruses, a bit like the influenza virus that enters a cell and transfers to the present cell a neighborhood of the virus’s proteins and neighboring cells. Coronavirus friend and foe

Then, “Belousosov” continued, explaining:

And these viruses affect their effect by penetrating a part of them into the host cell wall , where a sufficient amount of virus proteins are transferred thereto to contaminate this cell and another neighboring cell, then regular soap becomes ready to kill the cell wall that became an epidemic membrane at an equivalent time, and also the virus friend The closest thing is humidity, because it can only sleep in a damp environment, and what soap and ethyl alcohol create from a dry environment causes the immediate and final killing of the virus.

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“Vsevolod Belosov” also stressed that the particles of the Corona virus don’t fly within the air, but rather that the spread of small, moist droplets like droplets in coughing and sneezing in it are those that contain huge quantities of viruses which will reach thousands of viruses, and thus the medical mask creates a perfect barrier within the face of corona and other Corona may be a virus, additionally thereto it dries out these volatile droplets and limits their spread and transmission between humans.

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