The 10 Best Countries To Visit, According To Travelers


Traveling alone is great. You decide how much you get up, when, where and what you eat, what you want to see, in which order and at what speed. It’s a unique opportunity to try something that you probably wouldn’t have dared or could have done if you were someone else, be it a week in a camp in Central America, surfing in Latin America, or motorcycling all over Southeast Asia.

When traveling with friends, the chance of meeting someone is negligible (and why, ask yourself because you have contacts and travel companions). The only things that can and should prevent you from traveling are just two questions: “How safe is it where you are going?” And “How happy people are when they are easy to get in touch with strangers will make them a welcome guest or” The research agencies have thought of everything for us and compiled lists of safe and happy countries and given them security indexes (Global Peace) Index, later – security) and happiness (Happy Planet Index, later – satisfaction with life).

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1. New Zealand

Security: 4 Life satisfaction: 24

In New Zealand, which has become a decoration for the film saga “Lord of the Rings”, solo travelers can get lost in the rainforest between the peaks of the Southern Alps or the glaciers of the South Island. and meet incredibly friendly and communicative.

New Zealanders who are happy to welcome foreigners who have traveled extensively to see their country. New Zealand is a country where all the wonders of the world meet, where there are almost all climates. The flawless beauty of nature is carefully guarded by man. It is the country where the oldest Maori culture lives together with European civilization.


Photo by Cassie Matias on Unsplash


The southern Alps, with their everlasting peaks covered with perennial peaks, remind us of the Caucasus. The majestic steaming volcanoes Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, geysers and countless hot springs lead us to Kamchatka. With Norwegian fjords, you can argue with the beauty of the deep, deep fjords on the mainland at the southwestern tip of the South Island.

The Scottish Islands have something to offer: rolling hills, some covered with low bushes, clear lakes. Only the weather here is milder, the sun is brighter and more generous; – huge desert sand dunes. Wild, deserted, palm-covered beaches like those in the Hawaiian Islands, leaving foggy slopes on the horizon. Impenetrable subtropical forests can be compared to the Amazon rainforest, and descending glacier tongues take you to the Himalayas. The turquoise mountain lakes with reflections of gray peaks, the clear mountain rivers, the highest waterfalls, the lush green meadows in the wide valleys resemble Switzerland or Austria.

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The Otago steppes can be transformed into sketches from Mongolia, the Taranaki volcano has already played the role of Japanese Fuji in the film “The Last Samurai”. The wild forests of the Fiordland with live deer and wild boar do not differ much from the deaf taiga of Siberia. You can continue this list for a long time. The end result, even if we compare New Zealand to other regions, the beauty of its nature remains unique. The shapes, colors, smells and sounds have come together here to create something surprising and unique.

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