Why do Dogs Bark at Some People and not Others?


Dogs are always on alert when someone new appears on the scene. However, they may immediately start growling or barking at some people but not others. This momentary temperament could indicate aggression, defensiveness, or simply some form of fear. But why do they react differently to different people?

AmazingBuzz has studied this question in-depth and would like to share with you some possible answers. Read to the end of the article to understand how you can avoid this behavior.

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1. the stranger is scary.

Why do Dogs Bark at Some People and not Others?


Photo by Altino Dantas on Unsplash

The most common reason your dog reacts badly to some people is that he is experiencing something new. If your dog is not well socialized, any contact with strangers – and therefore a variety of new smells, looks, and behaviors – can seem threatening. Even if the dog is socialized, it may find itself in a situation where it feels fearful and unsure of something unknown. As a result, the dog is more likely to bark at people who have more unusual characteristics, especially in terms of smell and appearance.

2. Dogs perceive certain characteristics as more threatening.

People differ in size, facial features, and movement patterns, which can be intimidating to the dog. Things that can be intimidating include. Accessories such as hats and sunglasses prevent the dog from seeing the person’s face. Facial hair, for the same reason…

  • Being tall
  • Deep voice
  • Special body language, eye contact, or a particularly intense and direct stare
  • Strong smells such as smoke, as well as your shampoo, perfume, deodorant, or even the food you ate, may displease the dog.
  • Any combination of these elements can make your dog nervous. Some dogs are often more fearful of adult humans because they have “stranger” features from the dog’s point of view: They are bigger, have a deeper voice, and – oh – no facial hair.

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3. Bad memories can ruin introductions.

Dogs may notice something they have a negative association with and become defensive. Some people can seem scary to some dogs because they associate a person’s smell or appearance with bad memories. If the dog has been traumatized or mistreated in the past, he may bark at people who remind him of those who mistreated him. Dogs may develop a general distrust of certain characteristics such as gender.

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