15 Things You Didn’t know About Amish Women


These are facts that the Amish prefer not to share with the world.
This religious group in the northeastern United States is known for staying away from modern technology, but they have to abide by many other rules. The women are under particularly strict restrictions.

If they don’t follow the rules, they are punished or even expelled from the community. This means they can no longer see their friends and family. In a world where women have fought for their freedom in Western society, Amish life resembles the Middle Ages. We have compiled a list of twenty of the strangest rules and facts.


Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

1. Fagotism

Amish women must always be polite, innocent, and almost childlike. There are many strict rules to follow when it comes to Amish relationships. For example, premarital sex is strictly forbidden. To strengthen the bond between couples, they practice a ritual called “baluchonnage.” In this ritual, a plank of wood is placed end to end on the bed. This means that the couple cannot touch each other but can talk for hours.

2. They must serve their husbands

Unlike modern society, women in the Amish community are not considered equal to men. Women are expected to follow any suggestions or requests from their husbands. This includes cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Other than that, they have no say in the matter.

3. They like to party

With all these strict rules and rituals, you’d suppose their social life would be enough boring, but that is not the case at all. Amish teenagers frequently throw parties in barns or” hops” as they call them. For these parties, they buy lots of alcohol and medicines and party all night. Alcohol and medicines are a big problem among the underage Amish. They aren’t as innocent as you might suppose.

4. They think pictures are bad

Taking a picture of yourself goes against Amish beliefs. When you pose for a picture, you care too much about your appearance, and you run the risk of someone noticing only your appearance. This is the same principle as faceless dolls.

5. Children don’t go to school at 13

The Amish are often considered poorly educated compared to surrounding communities. And not without reason. They only attend school until age 13 or 14 and are not allowed to attend schools outside the community. This means that they do not receive any information outside their village.

Learning new things is almost impossible. It is also very difficult to leave the community and find a job.

6. Sixteen- time pasts get a free pass to break the rules

7. Some Amish people have computers

Huh? Don’t the Amish hate ultramodern technology.
One discovery made by the notorious Mennonite community was the Classic,’ an old-fashioned computer that looks like a commodity made in the ’80s. According to them, these effects would lead to temptation, a terrible sin for the Amish.

8. They’re the largest exporters of tykes born into pup manufactories

It’s sad but true. The Amish community gains off of large-scale canine parentage. This frequently includes libelous and cruel practices. The tykes’ oral cords are frequently cut to keep them quiet and they’re kept in spaces that are far too small. Some Amish breeders earn up to half a million bones every time.

9. Breaking the rules leads to endless expulsion

For those Amish who have brought shame to their community, there’s only one road ahead expulsion. This can be some effects breaking religious rules, breaking tradition, and letting a company go void. Once the person has been banished, they lose all contact with their musketeers and family. Contact with the community in any form is rigorously banned after being banished. However, the same fate awaits them, If someone within the community tries to communicate with the banished person.

10. You’ve got to be each about the church if you want to pick up an Amish girl

Speed dates and Tinder aren’t commodities the boys can use if they’ve got a crush on a girl within the Amish community. Dating is veritably old-fashioned and prim. The success of the implicit relationship lies primarily in which church you go to and how active you’re there. The Amish are so strict that the youthful men have to have multiple exchanges with his future in-laws before he’s indeed allowed to kiss his gal.

11. Amish marriages are cheap

Still, the couple won’t have to spend that much on their marriage day, If everything works out as planned. The Amish aren’t about the gaudiness and glam it has to be a quiet event. No big cutlet, bouquets, precious rings, or developer dresses. The woman must make her dress and can choose the color. The only thing they’ll spend plutocrat is food there are anywhere from 200 to 600 guests at an average Amish marriage.

12. Luxury Buttons for Amish women

You would suppose that buttons fit into the technology-free philosophy of the Amish, and yet … they are interdicted for women.

13. Dresses can’t be advanced than 15 centimeters off the ground

Long dresses help them avoid the temptation of wanting to show off indeed further of their legs. The Amish have a specific demand to meet this thing a dress that’s advanced than 15 centimeters off the ground isn’t allowed.

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