Why We Shouldn’t Don’t We Wear The Same Pajamas Two Days In A Row?


Man average changes his pajamas every 13 nights. Women typically wait 17 nights to rub in their pajamas. Most girls wear multiple pajamas and sometimes forget how long they have been away. Creeping in worn-out pajamas can seem harmless and have alarming consequences.

At AmazingBuzz, we wondered how the habit of going to bed in your old pajamas could affect you.

1. You sleep in an unsanitary environment.

Why We Shouldn't Don't We Wear The Same Pajamas Two Days In A Row?


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Pajamas are on your skin. Wearing the same piece of fabric over and over again can cause bacteria and dead cells in your clothes. Even if you wash your bedding regularly, it will not stay fresh for a long time as it will come in direct contact with unwashed sleepwear. Wearing the same pajamas night after night can lead to infections that are difficult to cure.

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2. They can transfer germs to other clothes.

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If you put your pajamas in the washing machine, the bacteria in them can spread to all the other beds in the wash. If you have been wearing your nightwear for 2 consecutive weeks, most germs will not be washed away and will be transmitted to other clothing that comes in contact with the skin.

3. It affects the quality of your sleep.

Why We Shouldn't Don't We Wear The Same Pajamas Two Days In A Row?

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

Just as freshly cleaned bedding can relax you, sleeping in clean nightwear will keep you feeling refreshed. Crawling in bed in sweaty pajamas can make you itch at night.

4. It can make your allergies worse.

If you are allergic to dust or have other respiratory illnesses, sleeping in old pajamas can cause serious harm. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, attracting them to your mattresses and sleepwear and causing breathing problems. If you are allergic to dust, you should take off your pajamas at least every night.

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5. It can cause acne.

Why We Shouldn't Don't We Wear The Same Pajamas Two Days In A Row?

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If you do not change your nightclothes, bacteria and dead skin cells will grow in the tissues. At night, it presses against your pores, blocking them, and causing leakage. When you sweat while you sleep, your pajamas absorb the sweat and cause leaks.

6. It smells bad.

Your nightgown absorbs sweat and provides the perfect microclimate for bacteria. They thrive in damp and dark places, causing bad smells and disturbing your sleep.

How often do you change your pajamas? How long have you been wearing your sleeping clothes the longest before washing them?

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