False Myths About Food … Foods That People Think are Harmful and are Beneficial


Many myths have spread about some types of food, and they have spread and become entrenched in people’s minds to the point that some types of food have become an enemy to human health, and among the most famous foods that people have taken as their enemy, food that contains chemicals or sugars and many other types, but recent studies have not stopped In front of these myths are silent, but rather, they investigate and conduct scientific experiments using the latest modern technologies to discover the truth of the false myths about food that have been entrenched in people’s minds, and in the next lines we will discover facts that we did not know.

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False Myths About Food: Science has proven false

A study published in medical forums indicated that: There are foodstuffs that many people avoid eating, because they are harmful to health and do not provide benefit, and it may even infect them with diseases, and this is the result of what was said about it in the past, but the study came to bear surprises about certain foods that we will discover in the following:

1- Fish contain mercury


Ancient myths circulated that fish is rich in mercury, which causes many diseases in humans.
The fact is:
Mercury is only present in some types of fish, especially shark, but this substance is not present in a percentage that causes harm to humans at all, and the FDA has confirmed that there are instructions for seafood that are written on canned fish cans, and these instructions indicate that this food Fit or Not Fit, Good or Very Good, so following these guidelines reduces concerns.

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