False Myths About Food … Foods That People Think are Harmful and are Beneficial


2- Food rich in carbohydrates makes people obese


People traded a lie saying that foods that contain carbohydrates, which include:
the bread
the rice,
False myths about food say that these foods lead to obesity.
But the truth is:
Moderation in eating carbohydrates makes it pass without health problems and not obesity, because carbohydrates are one of the substances that the body needs to obtain the appropriate energy for it, especially what is found in potatoes.

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3- Myths about food: table salt

Not everything that was raised about salt is considered false, but excessive intake of it is only what makes this important ingredient negatively affect human health. Eight studies were conducted on more than seven thousand people, all of whom reduced the proportion of salt in their food, so the results were recorded. They all did not have a heart attack or stroke, but they equaled this result with those who naturally consume salt, which made there a need for more studies on salt intake.

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